Employment Law

Employment Counseling

At Morea Law, we specialize in employment counseling to help business owners proactively avoid costly legal issues. We assist employers in navigating the complex landscape of legal, compliance, and human resources challenges that small and medium-sized businesses encounter daily. Our comprehensive employment law services include:

  • Human Resources Counseling and Compliance - We assist businesses with day-to-day human resources matters, ensuring they operate smoothly and in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Employee Handbooks - We help clients develop and implement workplace policies that comply with the ever-changing employment laws, enabling employers to establish consistent and fair policies for their workforce.
  • Employment Contracts and Agreements - Our firm routinely drafts, reviews, and negotiates employment contracts and agreements. Whether you need assistance with confidentiality agreements, non-compete or non-solicitation clauses, severance agreements, or executive employment agreements, we ensure your documents are legally sound and tailored to your specific needs.
  • Wage and Hour Compliance - Navigating the complexities of wage and hour laws can be challenging. Our firm provides expert guidance to help businesses comply with regulations related to wages, overtime pay, and employee classification.
  • HR Risk Assessment Audits - If you are not sure how well your business practices comply with applicable employment laws, we offer an HR Risk Assessment Audit that reviews all of your employment practices to identify any potential legal risks.

Employment Disputes

While our primary goal is to help clients avoid litigation, sometimes disputes are unavoidable. If litigation becomes necessary, we manage various types of employment disputes, including age, gender, race, disability, and other forms of discrimination. We are committed to protecting your rights as an employer and achieving fair outcomes in discrimination and harassment claims.

  • Pre-litigation Negotiations - Often, employers have the opportunity to settle an employee’s claim before it escalates to a lawsuit. We provide expert negotiation services to help resolve these claims efficiently and favorably.
  • Defense of Workplace Discrimination and Harassment Claims - We represent clients in the defense of cases involving
  • Department of Labor Audits - Our firm assists businesses in navigating Department of Labor audits, ensuring compliance and mitigating potential penalties.
  • Defense of Wage and Hour Claims - Claims for unpaid overtime or the failure to pay wages can be financially devasting to a business. At Morea Law we have extensive experience defending claims by employees for allegedly unpaid wages.

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At Morea Law, we are dedicated to providing proactive legal support to help you avoid disputes and effective representation if disputes arise. Let us partner with you to protect and grow your business.

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