New York City Employers Must Post Minimum and Maximum Salary in Job Advertisements Effective May 15, 2022


Effective May 15, 2022, employers advertising jobs in New York City will be required to post the minimum and maximum salary for the job in any job listing. Failure to post the salary range will be deemed an unlawful employment practice under the New York City Human Rights Law.

This requirement applies to every employer with four or more employees that advertises a job in New York City. The law applies both to external and internal job postings, as well as opportunities for promotion or transfer within a company.

Under the law, when determining the number of employees, employers must include independent contractors and the employer’s spouse, domestic partner, or children, if they are employed by the business. Thus, this new law will apply to most businesses hiring in New York City.

To comply with the law, businesses currently advertising positions within New York City should update the job posting before March 15, 2022 to include the salary range for the position. Also, going forward, businesses must include the minimum and maximum salary range for every New York City job, regardless of whether the posting is being made externally or only within the company.

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